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Hydraulic Steering Components

Inside Hydraulic Steering Components for Performance Boats.

Steering Cylinders

All cylinders are manufactured from 100% stainless steel. No welds are used in the construction of our attachment brackets. All brackets are either stainless steel billet or stainless steel cast components.

Plate Assemblies

All attachment plates are manufactured from 100% stainless stell and high polished to a mirror finish. All attachment hardware is included with plate assemblies.

Tie Bar Assemblies

Tie Bar Assemblies for High Performance Offshore Powerboats.
Available in 100% stainless steel solid or tubular construction with mirror or satin finish. Available with standard stainless steel rod end bearing (AMT) or aircraft grade (ART) Rod end bearings, or high performance stainless steel billet clevis rod ends (CLE). All saddles are polished to a mirror finish.

Custom Throttle Controls and Shifters

These race-bred throttle and shifter units are more than just a fashion statement, and their beauty goes way deeper than their custom powder coated colors.

Precision laser cut 316L lever. All of the Aluminum parts come from 6061-T6 Billet stock. All of the aluminum components are then hard coat anodized for total protection from the elements. The stainless steel mirror polished levers are standard fare on all units.

Trim Tabs and Filters

Billet Trim Tabs: Few words can describe the sheer beauty of these trim tabs. Don't let the glamour fool you, they are twice as strong as your normal trim tab. Used mainly on race boats that don't want to take a chance on breaking a tab and losing a race, or wiping-out. Bear in mind, these units don't come cheap; but then again you get what you pay for.

Fuel Filters: They feature a true coalescing element that is rated to flow 1 1/2 G.P.M. with 99.99% Contaminant Removal. They also have convenient drain ports for quick and easy fuel inspection.

Billet Power Steering Filters: Machined out of solid piece of 6061-T6 aluminum, these filters are designed to be used in-line on the high pressure line of your steering system. Their main purpose is to prevent debris from damaging your expensive steering system in case of dirty fluid or pump scatter. This is a "must have" item on boats using Marine Machine full power steering.

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